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“... a team of seasoned energy professionals specializing in oil and gas exploration & production, natural gas, electricity, pipeline and other midstream asset acquisitions, as well as providing advice in such specific areas; plus, other energy services.”

Energy International Group, LLC. is a vertically integrated, innovative, energy company providing expert energy solutions. Through EIG Resources, LLC, our staff of seasoned professionals and strategic partners have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the energy industry.

Our emphasis is delivering to our partners and clients premium return throughout the energy value chain. It is growth in the upstream sector through mergers and acquisitions; it is natural gas pipeline asset acquisitions and operations with capabilities in all facets of natural gas, power, and project management. Growing natural gas demand, electric deregulation and increasing environmental concerns catapult natural gas to the forefront of the energy business.

acquisitions, oil, gas, mergers, E&P opportunties and more.Our benefit is consolidating energy solutions by offering:

  • Strategic partner in E & P opportunities
  • An acquirer of processing, gathering, pipeline, and other related facilities
  • Due diligence in the acquisition of assets
  • Strategic and project analysis and implementation
  • Marketing and purchasing expertise
  • Negotiation of contracts and related energy agreements
  • Dispute and problem analysis, negotiation and resolution
  • Regulatory and legal counsel, support and testimony
  • Natural gas pipeline engineering analysis, design, supervision and project management

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Our goal is to enhance your bottom line by developing solid business relationships.

Our promise is consistent quality, creativity, and integrity.

EIG's goal is to create and maintain long-term relationships where our talents consistently add value to your bottom line. While market knowledge is a necessity, we are also keenly aware that integrity and confidentiality are key elements to achieving success. EIG is committed to maintaining the highest levels of integrity and confidentiality on all projects.

hardhats - visiting sites, engineering services and more.EIG Spectrum of Companies
EIG and its associates offer a broad spectrum of services to companies in the energy business or to those companies desiring to do business within the energy industry. The primary services offered by EIG are listed below with additional details given later in this section.

EIG is committed to:
  • Enhancing your opportunities and your bottom line
  • Being attentive, listening, identifying your best opportunities and responding to your greatest needs
  • Keeping you abreast of the fast paced energy marketplace
  • Performing with quality, creativity and integrity at all times

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quality relationships, partnerships, negotiations, contracts, integrity...Business Development and Acquisition Assistance
EIG, through its extensive energy industry experience and significant contact base, provides clients with a full spectrum of business development and asset acquisition assistance. EIG is positioned to help clients with specific elements of their own business development activities, as well as providing comprehensive business development services in connection with new energy projects or assets. EIG’s business development and acquisition services include assisting clients with economic analysis, transaction structuring, financing, regulatory issues, choosing legal resources, sales, marketing and acquisition due diligence. EIG specializes in taking underutilized or newly acquired assets and improving the return on assets by strenuous cost cutting and opportunity improvement. EIG also provides services relating to the strategic analysis of a client’s current market position and the development and implementation of steps necessary to achieve future growth and development goals.

Energy Management for Industrials
At the core of EIG’s energy management service is the planning and implementation of a comprehensive energy strategy that meets the industrial customer’s supply needs while minimizing cost and maximizing supply security. EIG’s gas management services include load profile development, least cost evaluation and routing, contract drafting and negotiation, nominating, balancing, imbalance management, contract administration, accounting services, analysis of back-up alternatives and consulting regarding gas storage utilization.

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telemetryEnergy Management for Oil and Gas Producers
EIG has a long history of marketing oil and gas for producers. EIG’s market knowledge and strategic planning help ensure maximum net back pricing while retaining a high level of market security. EIG provides producer management services across the upstream and midstream spectrum relating to wellhead sales, processing and transportation. Specific producer management services include best route evaluation, contract drafting & negotiation, scheduling, nominating, balancing, imbalance management, contract administration, accounting and telemetry.

Engineering Services
Through its strategic relationship with Petersen Engineering, Inc., EIG provides engineering economic analysis, business plan development, design, specification, cost control, facility optimization, financial assistance, project management and operations for natural gas facilities, gathering lines, processing plants and compression. EIG also offers expertise in the negotiation and administration of construction and operating contracts for natural gas pipeline and storage projects.

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recommend strategies for growth and development, joint ventures, acquisitions, energy industry trends.Pricing, Supply/Demand, and Business Forecasting
EIG closely monitors energy industry pricing and trends. Utilizing data developed in house and obtained from numerous third party sources, EIG provides forecasting services relating to pricing, supply/demand and general energy business issues. EIG can also provide clients with historical data and analysis where reference material is needed for litigation and planning purposes. EIG’s staff is well experienced in forecasting not only natural gas supply/demand parameters needed in price forecasting, but also other fuels like petroleum products, coal, and nuclear. Use EIG as your source for up to date energy industry information and trends.

Regulatory & Litigation Consulting & Expert Witness
EIG professionals serve as litigation consultants in state and federal courts and in regulatory proceedings across the country. EIG’s access to a wide variety of professional disciplines allows it to speak from a “hands on” perspective, which has proven invaluable in assisting clients in courts and other dispute resolution forums. EIG is highly regarded in its ability to define actual damages, if any, resulting from contract and other legal breaches. EIG professionals are experienced in appropriately packaging and presenting data for litigation and regulatory proceedings. EIG analyzes the operations, business matters and documentation of a client to develop forensic evidence for use in regulatory, arbitration, and court proceedings. Recent experience includes breach of a contract relating to the construction of a gas plant, royalty proceeds analysis and claims, breach of marketing contracts, and damages (including personnel injuries) arising from plant operations.

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